Blue Bean Bag Chairs

If you've been searching for a blue bean bag chair then this is the right place for you! We’ve set up a special collection showcasing blue selection so that you can easily compare side-by-side . This way you can easily imagine how our blue bean bags compare or contrast with the colors in your room. We have two shades of blue to pick from: Royal Blue and Navy Blue bean bags.

Royal Blue

Our Royal Blue is brighter and geared for more colorful rooms. It fits perfectly with nautical themes or combined with other primary colors such as in a children’s room or play room. You can see how the royal blue would easily fit in with a nautical theme because it’s very close to the color of the far ocean. In a child’s room, it goes well with other bright colors like red and green. Alternatively, the royal blue color can contrast with warmer brown tones if you really want the bean bag to stand out in the room.

Navy Blue

Our Navy blue is are darker and more conservative. It will fit a more sophisticated style and will look great in modern rooms, combined with blacks and grays. Because of its darker color, the navy blue bean bag can contrast with warmer brown tones without standing out as much as the royal blue. Against a warm brown, backdrop the navy blue will contrast but without calling too much attention to itself. Like anything stylistic, it’s all a matter of preference and taste and is ultimately up to you and your personal style. So, feel free mix and match and explore our other colors as well!
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