Purple Bean Bag Chair

Purple is the color of royalty and has been known to be associated with opulence and creativity. Our purple bean bags chair’s allow you to have a big, comfortable beanbag the will help you relax while, at the same time, adding a rich and majestic flavor to the room. Our beanbag chairs are covers in microsuede that is soft to the touch and is machine washable. This means that your purple cover will stay clean for years to come. Inside, our bean bags are filled with high-quality furniture grade foam (not beans or beads) that is relaxing and supportive. The premium double-stitching ensures that the microsuede cover is strong and lasts you a very long time.
Our bean bags are super comfortable and their gigantic size let you add a nice big splash of color to your room. It is said that the color purple calms the mind, uplifts and encourages creativity. So, if you want to enjoy all the comfort and style, see our different sizing options below and enjoy the benefits of your giant purple bean bag!

Jumbo bean bag

Bed bean bag

Really big bean bag

Really big bean bag 7 ft

6' Bean Bag

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