What Are Our Bean Bags Made Of?

Up close shot of our red premium microsuede bean bag cover


Our premium microsuede covers are what give our bean bags their luxurious look and feel. Learn more on our Cover Information page.

More About Our Premium Microsuede Covers
An overhead shot of our 100% recycled polyurethane foam that goes inside our bean bags. The foam is shredded up into bits of white, blue, and green.


Our bean bags are filled with 100% recycled furniture grade polyurethane foam. Learn more on our Bean Bag Filler page.

More About Our Polyurethane Filling
Photo of the cotton bean bag liner showing the zipper. Two hands and holding it.


Our bean bag liners serve a practical function and are made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton. Learn more on our Liner Information page.

More About Our 100% Cotton Liner
An image split down diagonally with the top left half showing a red bean bag cover and the bottom right half showing a bean bag liner.

Need To Buy A Bean Bag Cover Or Liner?

To purchase bean bag covers and liners only, check out our bean bag parts collection.

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