Collection: Bean Bag Couches, Love Seats, and Sofa Beds


Looking for a bean bag huge enough to be a couch? Then look no further because has the biggest bean bags on the market! Our browse our 6, 7, or 7.5 foot bean bag couches and couch beds to see all of our different available colors to fit your home decor. The 6 and 7 foot couches are round so they measure 6' x 6' or 7' x 7'. The 7.5 ft couch is oval shaped so it's 7.5' x 4'. If you're looking have have a super comfortable couch the we suggest the 7.5 ft oval shape as the closest replacement to a regular size couch. It will fit in the same space as most couches but will be much more comfortable.

Love Seats

If you're interested in a love seat bean bag , then check out our 6 ft Round Love Seat. It is a perfect fit for two. Measuring 6 feet in diameter, it is approximately the same size as a regular love seat and will replace your current love seat simply and easily. However, our love seat is sure to be more comfortable. Also, the cover is removable to be washed by machine. What other love seat can do that?

Sofa Bed

Our 8 foot sofa bed bean bag is our largest bean bag and as, far as we know, the biggest bean bag available online. If you're looking for something to replace a sofa sleeper, then the 8 ft sofa bed is for you. It measures 8 ft x 8 ft and is far more comfortable than any regular sofa bed. Imaging all those bars that stick in your back in a common sofa bed. Instead of that, you'll have soft microsuede (machine washable) covering high quality furniture-grade polyurethane foam.