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6 ft Bean Bag

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You're on this website because you want... well, a really big bean bag!

This is it. Make sure you have room because these are huge! It's 6 feet wide and over 2 feet tall. Imagine how comfortable 2 feet of cushion is to relax on.

Watch TV, read, play video games, or spend time your friends and family. Nothing switches your mind into "relaxation mode" better than one of these.

6 ft of Space: Solo or With Company?

This bean bag is plenty of room for at least two people. Or, you can just stretch out and have all 6 feet to yourself!

Enjoy the comfort or our high-quality, furniture grade polyurethane foam covered in premium microsuede for this super comfortable 6 foot bean bag.


Even though, it is 6 ft long and 6 ft wide, shipping is no problem. We vacuum pack this bean bag to fit it into 2 smaller boxes for transportation.

Then, when you open them up at home, you simply stuff the foam into the liner. Once the foam becomes exposed to the air, it will expand to 6 ft in diameter and you can start lounging on your 6 ft bean bag!

6 ft Bullet Points with Information on the filling, stitching, and maintenance

6 ft Round Dimensions and Specifications